Conditions and needs of an ofter social excluded category

The National Union of Scrap and Waste Workers of Nigeria (NUSWON); an affiliate of The Federation of Informal Workers’ Organizations of Nigeria (FIWON), is a platform that represents those at the base of the recycling industry whose source of livelihood depends on the collection, sorting and recycling of waste. These three activities are always interrelated, reflecting the environmental implications of their work. NUSWON engages government at all levels, the private sector, local and international development agencies to promote knowledge-driven initiatives to advance the socio-economic rights of scrap and waste workers.

As you might be aware, the scrap and waste workers…

The mission: to accelerate the transition to a zero-waste world through a circular, ethical and sustainable economy.

Yesterday I met a member of a Brazilian start-up who wants to commercialize a German anaerobic digestion technology. These machines (of different sizes) transform organic residues into two products: methane gas and liquid biological fertilizer.

I’ve been looking for something similar for months. Until yesterday, to make the best use of urban organic residues, I decided to rent a small place to create compost. With the discovery of this technology (which, unlike many others already on the market for years, allows the construction of micro plants and not just large industrial ones), I got an idea.

In many cities (and…

La missione: accelerare la transizione verso un mondo senza rifiuti tramite un’economia circolare, etica e sostenibile.

Ieri ho incontrato un membro di una start-up brasiliana che vuole commercializzare una tecnologia tedesca di digestione anaerobica. In pratica queste macchine (di taglie differenti) trasformano i residui organici in due prodotti: gas metano e un fertilizzante biologico liquido.

Erano mesi che stavo cercando qualcosa di simile. Fino a ieri, per utilizzare al meglio i residui organici urbani, pensavo a piccoli centri in cui creare il compost. …

Don’t fall in love with the solution but with the problem you want to solve.

September 2018. I’m in Puerto Vallarta, on the west coast of Mexico. The city, which has about 250,000 inhabitants, is surrounded by wonderful nature: hills of tropical forest that stretch from the hinterland to the Pacific Ocean.

In addition to the scenic beauty, I’m shocked by the city’s garbage and its management. During the afternoon, piles of sacks begin to be seen on street corners. The inhabitants start to bring them from the afternoon until the evening when the garbage truck passes by to collect them. In the meantime, however, dogs, cats, and cats open the bags to look for…

Lo shock di scoprire la situazione dei rifiuti nel mondo

Settembre 2018. Mi trovo a Puerto Vallarta, nella costa ovest del Messico. La città, che conta circa 250.000 abitanti, è immersa in una natura meravigliosa: colline di foresta tropicale che dall’entroterra arrivano fino all’oceano pacifico.

Oltre alla bellezza paesaggistica, rimango scioccato dalla spazzatura presente e dalla sua gestione. Durante il pomeriggio si cominciano a vedere cumuli di sacchi agli angoli delle strade. Gli abitanti le iniziano a portare dal pomeriggio fino alla sera, quando passa il camion della nettezza urbana per ritirarli. Nel frattempo però cani, gatti e topi aprono le buste per cercare qualcosa da mangiare. Non sono solo…

Andrea M. Lehner

I have a dream: circular, ethical, and sustainable societies. I wake up every day to make it real. Founder and Ceo @ Realixo.

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